The OpenISA Dynamic Binary Translator: a low-overhead dynamic binary translator for OpenISA which implements a fast OpenISA interpreter with support to several techniques for region selection, dynamic compilation and a multilevel profile guided optimization pipeline; all using the LLVM (5.0) infrastructure.


RAIn (Region Appraisal Infrastructure) is a tool which can be used to investigate region formation strategies for dynamic binary translators. It was first developed by Zinsly, R. and improved by Borin and me. It takes as input a trace of instructions, emulate the formation and execution of regions, and generates statistics about the region formation techniques.


myBee is a Generic system for development of applications to capture, process and control data through a interest centered network. The framework was used with a low-budget hardware to monitor the temperature and humidity from several beehives in the apiary of the State University of Maringá.


The Guide for Exploration of the Optimization Space (GEOS) is a LLVM tool designed for be used by heuristics in the search for good optimization sequences. The framework provides a set of analysis that can predict the execution time of a LLVM code and can be used to guide the exploration of the optimization sequences space without executing the code, what can be seriously faster.

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